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February SS Theme - Hymns and Spiritual Songs
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February SS Theme - Hymns and Spiritual Songs
By Pat Evans

The Theme of this month's Sabbath is about how the hymns/spiritual songs we sing came about.  I have chosen to focus on hymns/song and their authors' reasoning for their composition.

Singing, as a part of religious service, is as much an act of worship as is prayer.  {PP 594.3} 

"Singing does at least, as much as preaching to impress the Word of God upon people's mind."  D. L. Moody
The Power of Christian Song

There's something about a fine old hymn
That can stir the heart of a man;
That can reach to the goal of his inmost soul
Such as no more preaching can.

It is more than the tune of the song he sings
And it's more than the poet's rhyme--
It's the Spirit of God working through these things
That give them their power sublime!

So We thank Thee, Lord, for the fine old hymns;
May we use them again and again
As we seek to save from the hopeless grave
The souls of our fellow men!
    Author Unknown