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Evangelism Cycle
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Evangelism Cycle
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2016-2017 Evangelism Cycle
Qrtr Phase Month Personal Work Complimentary Work Discipleship Emphasis Calendar Events
Phase 1: Personal Preparation
Bible Studies

IIW Mailing #1; Vacation Bible School
How to Give Bibe Studies

(Outreach Training)
Aug NCD Survey  
Phase 2: Preparing the Soil
Sep IIW Mailing #2;
Care Center Volunteering
Sep 25 - Free Car Wash (12-5pm)
Oct Pioneer Days; Community Surveys
Oct 28-30 - Pioneer Days
Phase 3: Planting the Seed (Sow)
Nov Community Services Program Nov 5 - Community Surveys Outreach;
Nov 12 - Health Expo at Eagle Ridge Mall
Dec Action Groups;
Acts of Kindness Ministries (AOK)
Identity in Christ Dec 17 - Christmas Outreach?
Phase 4: Cultivating for Harvest (Grow)
Jan Bridge Event How to Prepare for Evang. Meetings Jan 15 - Forks Over Knives Movie Night?
Feb Preparing for Evangelistic Meetings Organizational Meetings Valentine's Day Outreach?
Phase 5: Harvesting (Reap) Mar Evangelistic Meetings Discipleship Basics Mar. 5-18 - Evangelistic Meetings
Phase 6: Preserving the Harvest
Small Groups

Jethro Initiation/Update Prayer  
May Church Social Bible Study  
Jun Families Connect Spiritual Growth Plan